Shake Flavors: Banana, Caramel, Chocolate, Lime, Strawberry, Vanilla

Kid Shake$3.50
Milk Shake$5.50
Thick Shake$7.50


Tropical Smoothie$9.00
Berry Smoothie$9.00


Small Coffee$4.00
Medium Coffee$4.50
Large Coffee$5.00
Iced Coffee Medium$6.50
Iced Coffee Large$8.50
Ice Chocolate Medium$6.50
Ice Chocolate Large$8.50

Quick Snacks

Serve of Chips$3.50
127 (chips & gravy)$4.50
Chips Small(Serves 2)$5.00
Chips Large(Serves 4)$10.00
Cup of Gravy$2.50
Potato Fritter$1.00
Dim Sim$1.00
Hash Brown$1.00
Chicken Nugget$1.00
Corn Jack$2.50
Chiko Roll$3.50
Spring Roll$3.50
Hot Dog with Sauce$5.50
Hot Dog with The Lot
Bacon, Onion, Cheese, Tomato Sauce & Mustard
Southern Fried Chicken Tender$1.50
Whole Chook$14.00
Sushi- ( Assorted Variety)$9.50
Cold Rolls$9.50

Kids Packs

Nugget Pack
(Nuggets(6), Chips, Tomato Sauce)
Battered Fish(1) & Chips$10.50
Cheese Burger
Beef Patty, Cheese & Tomato Sauce

Yiros, Rolls & Burgers

Bacon & Egg Burger
Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Tomato Sauce
Roast Roll
Roast of the Day, Chips & Gravy
Cheese Cransky Dog
Bacon, Onion, Tomato Sauce, Mustard & Slaw
Vegan/Vegetarian Burger
Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo or Sweet chili(Vegan)
Yiros (Chicken, Lamb, Combo or Falafel)
Lettuce, Tomato & Garlic Yoghurt Sauce
Beef Brisket Burger
Cabbage Slaw, Carrot, Coriander & Chilli Mayo
Cajun Chicken Burger
Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon, Cheese & Mayo
Pulled Pork Burger
Apple, Cabbage Slaw & Garlic Aioli
Beef Pattie, Bacon, Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Tomato Sauce & Mayo

Hot Packs

Hot packs have the choice of salad or veggies (excluding AB Pack)

1/4 Chicken Hot Pack
Chips & Gravy
1/2 Chicken Pack
Chips & Gravy
AB Pack
Yiro Meat, Onion, Cheese, on top of Chips, Sweet Chili & Garlic Sauce
Schnitzel Hot Pack
Chicken or Beef – Chips & Gravy
Roast Hot Pack
Roast Meat, Chips &Gravy